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Healthy30's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-09-11 13:45
Subject:You know the drill...

I had to go Friends-Only. If you want to read, comment here and I'll add you.

Edit: If you're already a friend, there's no need to comment. This is for people who aren't on my friends list and still want to read my entries. I just need a little more control over who's reading.

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Date:2004-08-23 18:30
Subject:Oldies, but goodies

I went back and read some of my first entries. In some ways, it feels like I don't even know that person anymore. Such enthusiasm there. (I'm going through a bit of an apathetic phase.)

Just started my period, so no weigh-in 'til next Friday. I'm bloated like crazy - can't even fit into my pants that wouldn't stay up 2 weeks ago. Sadly, I know it's all not period weight...

I'm working out tonight. One good thing I got from reading some old entries was I remembered how much I enjoyed doing Richard Simmons' "Sweating to the Oldies". So, I'm pulling that out tonight - a nice 35 minute workout that's fun, but not too strenuous. Tomorrow, I shall attempt to haul my ass out of bed and go walking before work.

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Date:2004-08-21 23:10
Mood: worried

I'm having a really tough time stringing together more than a few "good days". I'll eat really well for a few days and then it's crap for a few days. Repeat ad nauseum.

I think I'm gaining and losing the same few pounds. On the bright side, I'm not 350 again. But, I'm not making any real progress. I don't know whether to just focus on exercise for a while, do a Slim Fast or Subway diet (just the thought of that makes me uncomfortable). Ideas? Suggestions?

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Date:2004-08-13 10:34
Subject:Friday weigh-in
Mood: pleased

I'm down 6 pounds from last week's horror. I'll start posting the actual numbers in another week or two. I started using Fitday religiously again. I was within the 1200-1500 calorie range for 6 of the last 8 days. Not bad.

Exercise is going well. I'm even doing some strength training at work when I get the chance. One of my coworkers has weights and she's shown me some cool arm exercises to do. I need to go buy my own so I can do them at home, too.

I'm going away for the weekend, so I'll be eating out a lot. I'm sure I'll be over calories, but I'll aim to make good, healthy choices. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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Date:2004-08-06 10:50
Subject:Friday (kinda) weigh-in

Last time I weighed in was 3 weeks ago. I've been exercising regularly, but not counting calories since then. I got on the scales this morning. It was horrific. I'm actually too ashamed/embarrassed/disgusted to post the number here.

I know I need to be accountable and perhaps there's a bit of denial in the refusal to post the number, but so be it. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to say, "the scales read xxx".

So, that was an effective kick in the ass. I'm counting calories again - started today. 1200-1500/day. I've kicked up the exercise, even considering doing it twice a day. And, I'm still reading key 2 of the Dr. Phil book.

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Date:2004-08-02 19:18
Subject:Another one?

I saw an infommercial the other night and Leslie Sansone (from Walk Away the Pounds) has a pilates dvd out. It's $20 and I'm tempted to buy it, but I already have Winsor Pilates. So, for now I'm just gonna stick with that. Maybe, I'll get the other one later...

Exercise schedule for the weekCollapse )

Food goal for week - eat more veggies and fruit!

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Date:2004-07-27 10:26
Subject:In my almost perfect world...

the cost of food would be in direct correlation to the calorie content.

Cold Stone ice cream - $10
Applebee's berry lemon cheesecake - $2.30
french fries - $5
salad - $1.50

Yep, I think that could effectively squelch the urge to overeat. Or, you know... I could go into massive debt.

So far in July, days of exercise - 22 (mmhmm, fear me).

Now, I must really work on portion control and only eating when hungry. This is an ongoing theme with me. *bah* Oh happy day when I'm not constantly thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth and the possible consequences.

NSV - My beloved khaki pants are now far too big for me to wear. I caught a glimpse of myself in them yesterday and was horrified. They were all baggy and falling off - so not attractive. In some insane way, I'm kinda sad to see them go. But, I must pack them up in my goodwill bag. I'm not keeping them around - I don't want clothes I can grow back into. I suppose this means I can go shopping and buy myself a new pair of pants that actually fit. Right?

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Date:2004-07-16 15:00
Subject:Friday WI
Mood: content

SW: 350
LW: 289
CW: 287

Well, yay - I undid the damage from a few weeks ago. I'd been down on myself for still being in the 280s. Then, this week I realized a few things:

a) I may not have lost much (anything) since around December, BUT as opposed to all those other times I dieted, I haven't gained it all back plus some. So, that's a definite accomplishment. I'm 64 pounds down from my all-time high and have managed to keep that off.

b) This week, I've written down most of what I eat, but haven't been anal about counting calories. (I can pretty much estimate in my head after doing it for so long.) And, that method's working for me, so I think I'll continue for now.

c) I'm consistently exercising again. Six days a week! And, I'm damn proud of myself for that.

healthy_star and I are starting on Dr. Phil's Key 2. I really got something out of the first one, so I'm hoping the same is true for this key.

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Date:2004-07-06 23:55
Subject:I feel pretty, oh so pretty

I had a really good weekend. Ate more than I should have, but I am so proud of myself for the exercise I got in. I managed to go walking in the mornings before my friends got up. I worked things out, so I didn't have to get up 'til 5:30 on Sunday morning (that's sleeping in for me!). I think I should get out and do morning walks more often - it was a lot more invigorating than just doing WATP in the house.

Realized that last Friday's WI was up because I was getting ready to start my period. I'm gonna start being anal about tracking it, since it seems as though every month I get blindsided and go "Why am I gaining?!?!" I swear it feels like I'm having a period every other week. Anyway, I'm getting back to normal eating habits and hoping for a better weigh-in next time. I'd really like to get out of these damn 280s.

I tried to go summer clothes shopping after work today.Collapse )

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Date:2004-07-02 16:21
Subject:Friday WI

SW: 350
LW: 287
CW: 289

I didn't want to do the weigh-in at all. Blah. I had a couple bad days last week, but I've done well with the exercise, so that's a plus.

This weekend will be a challenge, as my friends are staying with me. I shall endeavor to make healthy decisions, listen to that little voice that says "I'm full" and fit in exercise any way I can.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Date:2004-06-28 13:26
Subject:Not exactly a cheat day
Mood: sore

I've been doing an excellent job on calories for the last couple of weeks. But, I'm not seeing the results I think I should scale-wise. Saturday morning - 285. Today - 286. I'm thinking about making today a high-calorie one and then going back to 1200-1500 tomorrow. I used to do that last year and it seemed to work well.

I'm incredibly sore, especially my hip and legs. Woke up with a charley horse the other morning. I think that was the first time ever. *ouch* I ended up taking yesterday off from exercise. I was at the point where it hurt to walk, so it seemed ridiculous to try WATP or much else.

But, I'm getting back to it today. Exercise schedule for the weekCollapse )

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Date:2004-06-25 21:11
Subject:Friday weigh-in and monthly measurements
Mood: tired

SW: 350
LW: 288.5
CW: 287

Measurements update:

Current/Last month/Total loss

Chest: 54.5/55.5/Total loss of 7.5"
Waist: 50.5/50.5/Total loss of 1.5"
Hips: 54/54/Total loss of 4.5"
Left upper arm: 17/17.5/Total loss of 2"
Left thigh: 33.5/33.5/Total gain of .5" </i>(I don't know about this one...)</i>
Left calf: 21/21.25/Total loss of 1"

I don't believe my thighs are bigger than when I was 350. I can fit in jeans that used to not come up over my thighs, so that just doesn't make sense. Maybe, I was measuring wrong before...

Anyway, overall I'm happy about the weigh-in and the minor improvements in some of the inches. I'm really gonna work on abs this next month and see what kind of results I get. My goal is at least 4 days of pilates/week.

And, thanks to octavialuna for the suggestion of trying Kundalini yoga. I like it much better than the other yoga videos I've done.

Dr. Phil's Key 1Collapse )

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Date:2004-06-20 23:05
Subject:Set it off
Mood: ready to go

Got in 45 minutes of WATP today and it felt excellent. I think I may even do some pilates before I go to bed!

I started reading the Dr. Phil book and so far, I'm pretty impressed. Mainly because it's not a diet book. A lot of the changes he talks about, I've already made. But, I know I'm missing something, otherwise I wouldn't have had that backslide a few months ago.

It's a little hard (okay, a lot) to let go of my birthday goal, but I know there's no way in hell I can lose 90 pounds in 5 months. At least, no way to do it in a healthy manner and that's what it's all about.

Goal setting and readiness testCollapse )

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Date:2004-06-18 11:45
Subject:Friday WI

SW: 350
LW: 286
CW: 288.5

I'm actually happy with that. I had a stretch of about 5 bad days last week, so I knew I'd gained something. This week has been great, though. My goal is to be 285 by the end of the month, and to get back to doing the 3-mile WATP. I've been a little slack on the exercise. I'm doing it, but sometimes it's just enough.

Damn, people are dropping like flies. I guess that's the sucky thing about weight loss journals. Makes me wonder who'll still be around when I get to goal.

Oh, I ordered Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weightloss book. I'll be working it along with healthy_star. I think it'll be good to look at this whole process in a different light. Can't hurt. :-)

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Date:2004-06-11 14:42
Subject:Friday non-WI

No weigh-in because of the inevitable period gain. The last 3 days were bad - some poor eating choices and no exercise. Today's been much better and I'm doing WATP as soon as I get off the computer. No excuses.

Exercise schedule:

Today - 30 minutes WATP (and 20 minutes pilates if my cramps cooperate)
Saturday - 15 minutes WATP and 20 minutes pilates
Sunday - bellydancing

My goal is to erase any damage done this week. So, I'll be happy if next WI is the same as last - 286. Have a groovy weekend! I plan to. :-)

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Date:2004-06-08 17:16
Subject:Perhaps if I journal, I'll forget about the cravings...
Mood: hot

Yesterday, I was on the verge of making some not-so-healthy choices when I pulled up my jeans. Jeans that I remember not being able to fit into a while back and now, they're falling down. It was a good reminder for me to stay on track. I'm actually excited about wearing a belt!

I'm having mad cravings again. I knew it would happen - probably because I'm getting ready to start. (Also there'll probably be no WI on Friday - it's too demoralizing looking at the inevitable period gain.) It's 5pm, I'm already at 1100 calories and I'm not hungry, but I want anything from a snickers bar to tortilla chips. Maybe I should put on those jeans again...

Oh, yeah - and, my coworker sent me an email earlier with a big ole picture of french fries. (In her defense, she's an absolute sweetheart and has no idea the struggling I can do over food.) Can we say trigger foods?

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Date:2004-06-05 22:51
Subject:WW friendly
Mood: full

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight. Applebee's is awesome! It's been a while since I've been there, but now they have a Weight Watchers menu. There's only about 10 choices on it, but it has an appetizer, entrees and desert options. The calories and WW points are right there on the menu. (I wish they did that for all the menu items, but that's just me...)

Anyway, I had their tortilla chicken melt. It's like a healthier version of chicken quesadillas (with broccoli, mushrooms...) and I actually like 'em better. Everything on the WW menu looks great and it ranges between 200 and 500 calories. I'll definitely be trying some of the other choices.

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Date:2004-06-04 12:53
Subject:Friday WI
Mood: excited

SW: 350
LW: 292
CW: 286

Sweet, fancy Moses! I'm practically giddy. I peeked at the scales Tuesday and it was 289, so I was just hoping to maintain that. Never guessed I'd drop another 3. Now I'm just 11 pounds above my briefly visited low of 275!

I'm feeling great. Eating quite well and exercising. I met my goal of pilates 3 times this week, and I'll probably get in another session tonight. My legs feel like jelly when I'm done, but I know I'll see great results from it. I'd swear my tummy area is already smaller, but that might be wishful thinking.

I was planning on heading over to Cold Stone for a treat this afternoon. But, I'm so happy about the weigh-in, I don't want to mess it up.

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Date:2004-05-30 13:06
Subject:Yum yum
Mood: full

My new favorite thing to eat is the Arby's Santa Fe salad. It has more calories than I'd prefer - 680 if you add tortilla strips and use one of the Ranch dressings. (I'll have to give the other two salads as whirl, as they're much lower in calories.) The salad is huge and extremely filling. Makes for a nice big lunch, if I have a good breakfast and light dinner.

At first, I didn't think I'd like the chicken - it's like cut up fried chicken strips. It adds on more calories than if it was grilled chicken. And, come to think of it, they could probably easily substitute grilled. But, in any case, it's absolutely delicious - onions, tomatoes, cheese, some salsa-esque stuff and more. Good stuff.

I managed to get in 1/2 hour of exercise both Friday and Saturday. I'm aiming for at least 45 minutes today and tomorrow. On the agenda - pilates!

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Date:2004-05-28 12:44
Subject:Friday WI and May measurements
Mood: thirsty

SW: 350
LW: 293.5
CW: 292

Measurements update:

Current/Last month/Total loss

Chest: 55.5/55.5/Total loss of 6.5"
Waist: 50.5/48/Total loss of 1.5"
Hips: 54/52/Total loss of 4.5"
Left upper arm: 17.5/17.5/Total loss of 1.5"
Left thigh: 33.5/31.5/Gain of .5"
Left calf: 21.25/21/Total loss of .75"

Had a great week food-wise. But, I've gotta get back on the ball as far as exercise goes. The good news is the dizziness is finally gone, so I've got no excuse to not do pilates now.

The measurements are a bit concerning. Apparently my thighs are actually bigger than when I started. I'm wondering if I should quit the lunges and toe raises I've been doing. I stepped up the frequency of doing those this month and maybe that's packing on some bulk. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the gain there. Anyway, I'm happy with the pounds lost. Maybe next week I'll be in the 280s? In any case, my goal for next week is to exercise more, and do pilates at least 3 times. Hope everyone has a kickin' Memorial Day weekend! :-)

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